Saturday, 18 September 2010

Some useful genealogy websites

I will be attempting to introduce possible helpful new areas of research from websites I have uncovered. These are all free to use with no subscriptions or payments required. Occasional registration maybe required to access the information.

I have given some of the websites using shortened URL’s to make it easier and quicker to type in the website name search. You can then save them into your favourites.

Rudy's List of Archaic Medical Terms

Have you ever pondered over the cause of death on a death certificate? Stuck trying to work out a cause of death because of strange wording? Try this excellent site for old medical terms. In alphabetical order and some with original document examples.

Manchester & Lancashire FHS Toolbar

Manchester & Lancashire FHS launched a brilliant new browser toolbar for genealogy resources - free download. Once loaded it gives you an instant drop down menu with access to numerous worldwide genealogy sites so easily. From the link below once you access the page select the M&LFHS Toolbar.

Welsh Family History

Do you have Welsh ancestors? A good site for checking out "Common Words & Phrases on Welsh head stones & Memorial Inscriptions" – (Good one for MI coordinators)

Australian War Memorial

Searchable First World War Diaries database by name with some original documents. Whilst on active service Army headquarters, formations and units are required to keep a unit war diary recording their daily activities.

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