Saturday, 4 September 2010

Archiving Correctly - Why?

Archiving and storage of all of your valuable research material, old documents, wills, maps, newspaper articles, memorabilia and photographs even if just copies of the originals should always be done using archival acid free materials and archival products.

If you use acidic paper and normal ink your work will fade and deteriorate over a short time span. If you want to preserve your research for generations to come whether it is handwritten or printed it needs to be done on acid free paper or card. It also needs to be written with an acid free ink pen or check your printer ink is acid free (most inkjet printer cartridges now have acid free ink – but check with the manufacturer and avoid cheap compatible cartridges).

Using archival acid free paper and ink your research will last generations (our white paper carries a 200 year guarantee from the suppliers).

You can buy all your genealogy supplies - acid free pens, acid free paper and card, acid free tissue paper, acid free glue and tape as well as certificate and photograph/memorabilia storage binders from Family Tree Folk.

For preserving your certificates, documents and photographs in the binders we supply archival products - acid free pockets, acid free insert card and tabbed dividers. A smaller memorabilia clear pocket is available to store those precious little keepsakes.

We also stock archival acid free document repair tape and kits, pH testing pens and archival white cotton gloves. Used by professional archivists.

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding using any genealogy supplies for preserving and archiving your valuable research items.

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