Monday, 6 September 2010

Archival Acid Free Paper and Card

As well as recording your written or printed research using acid free inks you need to ensure you use acid free paper and card. This archival paper and card is not easily found in general stationers.

The acid content in paper determines it's life expectancy. The acid content is measured on a pH scale:

• pH 3-6 very acidic with a short life expectancy

• pH 7 neutral and classed as acid free - lasts 200 years

• pH 14 alkaline with a very long life expectancy - 500 years or more

Acid free paper (pH 7.0 and above) has a high degree of durability and permanence and will last for up to 200 years under normal use and storage conditions. It will not discolour or become brittle with normal handling.

Our acid and alkaline free paper (neutral pH) is suitable for use in both laser and inkjet printers. Also use it for copying, writing and drawing up your family trees or recording any of your important ancestral information.

Using acid free card has additional benefits:

Acid free card provides good support inside the acid free sleeves to protect delicate and fragile documents. The acid free card inserts also form an acid free mount for the certificates, making an attractive display in your binder. Use acid free adhesive or acid free tape to attach descriptive labels around the certificate with details of the ancestral line to which the certificate relates to.

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