Monday, 30 March 2009

Custom Magnifiers

These very popular lightweight and unbreakable magnifiers which are so useful and easily carried in a wallet or purse puts your printed name and contact details in front of the user almost daily. So much more impact than a business card or flyer which usually gets thrown away.
We can layout your idea "free of charge" with logo and text supplied and send you a proof prior to order. NB. We cannot provide printing on the lens only on the PVC wallet.
These can be produced with a minimum print quantity of only 500 units and at prices that can offer an economical yet practical give away promotional item.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Compact LED Booklight

Do you need a portable light for reading your books and magazines?
This compact folding LED with a specially designed paperclip easily attaches to your pages to provide a useful concentrated light source. This portable slim, lightweight design allows you use this LED book light everywhere. Clips easily onto any book pages. For additional concentrated light used as a desk lamp

Available in choice of 4 colours.

Use in the home, office, car or when travelling.
Reading, Writing, Studying, Map light. Ideal desk lamp.

Easy stored in a pocket, briefcase or handbag.
Folds up and when you're ready to use it, just
open, extend the multi-position lamp head and
rotate the body and lamp head to the angle required.

Book Buddy

(designed as a book weight as well as a bookmark)

This is a really useful and attractive gift to give to a friend or just a special treat for yourself!
Made from beautiful selected cloths from Thailand with a gold printed oriental pattern and a luxurious feel. Each of the four corners is decorated with a metal ornament of a flower, leaf or butterfly.
Sewn into the cloth at each end and not visible there is a heavy metal ring which holds the pages open across the book or magazine. Useful for holding down documents as well.
The Book Buddy is available in mixed designs (choice of design to order is not possible due to regular changes in new fabrics).

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Document Repair Tape

Often many old family documents, papers, letters, certificates, books, photos and maps can already be torn from poor storage and handling.
To avoid further damage and to safely repair and reinforce these documents for preserving, acid free repair tape should be used. Our tape is of archival and conservation quality and used by archives, libraries, schools and museums for document repair.
The tape has an acid free clear polyester film with non yellowing adhesive and incorporates an "exclusive" Peel 'n Place Centering Strip®.
This provides far easier and more accurate application to your damaged documents.
We offer a complete document repair kit comprising of a roll of self adhesive acid free, non yellowing transparent low glare matt polyester tape 32mm wide x 3 metres with a bone folder/creaser. This ensures a smooth uniform application and comes with full instructions for applying.
We also stock just the rolls of document repair tape in 32mm x 5 metres with full instructions for repeat orders or if you already have a bone folder/creaser.

Thursday, 12 March 2009


More and more people now use magnifiers for a growing number of daily applications and especially for use as a low vision aid.

Magnifiers have moved on since the traditional round "Sherlock Holmes" type magnifying glass. There are Auto Focus, LED lighted options, lightweight thin Fresnel Sheets in a range of sizes and colours.

We stock a comprehensive and competative selection of magnifiers for all sorts of applications both at home, office, outdoors, craft etc. Visit our website for more information both technical and about product information.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Birth, Marriage and Death Certificate Storage

If you have certificates you wish to store safely first you need a good quality certificate binder. The storage method is critical for preservation of the certificates or documents. They need to be in acid free pockets which can be polypropylene or polyester. Avoid the cheap PVC pockets as these cause plasticiser migration into the document and print destroying the certificate.
Visit our website for safe storage solutions and a range of acid free products.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

V Mount Strips

A safe and easy way to mount your old photographs. These "V" mounting strips are made from inert ultra clear polyester with a clear acrylic adhesive making them acid free. These are of an archival conservation quality and used by professionals archivists.
Easier to use than glue or a tape. You can apply short 25mm lengths (about 1 inch) of this strip (which is almost invisible) to the edges of your photograph.
After removing the orange filmic liner from the strip at the back of the photograph the adhesive face is exposed. You can then position your photograph and apply by using pressure along the strip front edge.
The photo or document can easily be removed time and time again by sliding it out of the strips.

Photo Signature Pen

The photo signature pen contains acid free ink and is specifically designed for use on both the front and back of photographs and transparencies.

Both professional and amateur photographers can sign their photographs safely. Use to record names, dates and occasions on photographs ensuring this information is never lost or forgotten.

It is photo safe, permanent, non-scratch, fade resistant, water resistant, dries quickly and will not smear once dry.

Acid Free Tissue Paper

Acid free tissue paper is useful for storing so many different precious items. Use it to wrap up a wedding dress, a graduation outfit, a christening gown. Use it to store antique lace, costumes for a museum or uniforms.

Also ideal for wrapping old, delicate books, diaries, world war medals, memorobilia.

Keeps your item out of the light, away from dust and provides an acid free environment that will keep the paper and material in perfect condition.