Sunday, 15 March 2009

Document Repair Tape

Often many old family documents, papers, letters, certificates, books, photos and maps can already be torn from poor storage and handling.
To avoid further damage and to safely repair and reinforce these documents for preserving, acid free repair tape should be used. Our tape is of archival and conservation quality and used by archives, libraries, schools and museums for document repair.
The tape has an acid free clear polyester film with non yellowing adhesive and incorporates an "exclusive" Peel 'n Place Centering Strip®.
This provides far easier and more accurate application to your damaged documents.
We offer a complete document repair kit comprising of a roll of self adhesive acid free, non yellowing transparent low glare matt polyester tape 32mm wide x 3 metres with a bone folder/creaser. This ensures a smooth uniform application and comes with full instructions for applying.
We also stock just the rolls of document repair tape in 32mm x 5 metres with full instructions for repeat orders or if you already have a bone folder/creaser.

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