Thursday, 9 September 2010

Archival Glue and Adhesive Tapes

Archiving, repair and bonding of all of your research material, old documents, newspaper articles and photographs even if just copies of the originals should always be done using acid free materials. Using traditional Sellotape which is a cellulose tape with a rubber resin adhesive should not be used. The rubber resin adhesive degrades and dries out causing irreparable damage to documents.

An archival preservation acid free adhesive glue or tape should be used to safely repair a torn document or mount items onto acid free paper or card backings.

Often many old family documents, papers, letters, certificates, books, photos and maps can already be torn from poor storage and handling. To avoid further damage and to safely repair and reinforce these documents for preserving, acid free document repair tape should be used. Our repair tape is of archival and conservation quality and used by archives, libraries, schools and museums for document and book repair.

The tape has an acid free clear polyester film with a non yellowing adhesive and incorporates an "exclusive" Peel 'n Place Centering Strip®. This consists of three peel off backing strips (see photograph). After removal of the thin centre strip you can then visual see where to apply the tape over the tear line. This provides far easier and more accurate application to your damaged documents. Once pressure is applied the tape is transparent.

We stock a range of acid free tapes and adhesives for genealogists or indeed anyone who wants to safely preserve their work and documents for generations.

Please feel free to visit our website for more information or contact us if you have a particular question about preservation.

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